It’s the love for my land that allows my family’s winery to rise and grow, though passion and sacrifice, and to come to life as a combination of tradition and innovation. I was born on the sea, in Policoro, heart of the Ionian sea, Enotria first and then crib of the Magna Grecia.

But I always prefer land over water, because I grew up with it. Since I was a little girl I have come to know and love the colors, the fragrances and the sounds what only mediterranean countryside can offer.

Our farm, at the time, was dedicated to the cultivation of forages, strictly connected to the parallel conduct of a horse farm and equestrian center. This experience led me to discover the love for animals, for the dirt tracks, the freshly picked fruits and the breathtaking sunsets at the end of a long day in the country. At that time, the vineyard wasn’t that much of an important part of our family business, but it was already there since a long time: sangiovese and malvasia bianca grapes, for “grandpa’s wine”.

Along with the decision of diversifying our business, the dream of my land seemed to vanish. Then unexpectedly, 10 years ago, a small hint of an idea spread its way through my mind: the conversion of the lands into vineyards. Not just a vine for family use, but hectares of glorious vines, of different varieties from our territory and our history, giving a new sheen to my land and bringing back the smells of my childhood and of my Basilicata, my Enotria and my Herakleia. It seemed an utopia, destined to remain a dream, as my university studies brought me far away and, to the outcome, I didn’t know what path I was led to take.

Or at least, this was what I thought. My roots took over and the will to come back home and to take a great challenge was strong in me: cultivating the vines in an apparently hostile, harsh and difficult soil, partially never used within living memory. A great challenge to let myself back to my homeland and follow a dream, now a reality: a farm specialized in vineyard cultivation, following criteria from a specific upgrade and made within the framework of a land which turn out to be particularly generous in terms of quality. The union between tradition and innovation, is, therefore, due to the selection of technical options aimed to offer an increasingly better result, as with the spurred cordon row, which allows to reduce the quantity of the bunch and so enhance the quality of the grapes, while diminishing the need for thinning, or the alberate technique, for particular valuable vines, for which specific soil conditions are crucial. Z’nurr, Sarajonge, Archia, Varratizz’, Florà, Chora of Herakleia combine our terroir, our story and, most of all, our future, with respect for our environment and of constant eco-sustainable and organic farming choices.